Best 3G ever: Great time, Great friends, Great memories



If I have to write about every great day I spend in Korea, I wouldn’t be able to stop writing for a couple of weeks. This is why I only write about unique ones, exactly like this weekend I spent in DongHae (동해) 260 km east of Seoul and right next to the east sea.

Going to Donghae isn’t supposed to take more than 3 hours, maybe 4 hours if your car isn’t that fast, but it took us 7 hours to get through the 260 km and the reason is Buddha’s birthday, since this is an official holiday in Korea this weekend was a long one and in this super fast country holiday is synonym of a very slow and crazy traffic as the people living in seoul prefer to spend this days off with their families back in their hometowns, but well riding a nice Mercedes for 7 hours with a good friend (and his dog) isn’t that bad, It was a good opportunity to practice my Korean and even learn couple new words related to traffic and highways that I hope I won’t forget fast.

We started our little trip on Saturday may 26th at 12pm thinking it will be a light fun driving to the east side of korea, and I am so thankful I didn’t have to be behind the wheel so I didn’t receive any of the stress Jay hyung had to go through for driving at 30km/h for 7 hours, but all the stress has gone away with the first sight of the deep blue color of the east sea, a view from up high in the mountain that was totally worth the time.

Our friends in Donghae were expecting us earlier on lunch and it was raw fish on the menu but we made them wait a lil bit longer and had it on dinner. Our hosts were super nice and treated us on dinner and it was of the most unique ones, for me eating raw fish has become a tradition when going out with Jay since it is his favorit food but living shrimp!! That was a premier.

I felt sorry for the shrimp seeing his eyes coming out when removing his head!! But well, it did,t stop me from trying one little shrimp and to be honest the taste wasn’t bad at all.

The next day was another interesting day next to the fishing port where we came across the little fish market an amazing scene full of life. Watching the sellers taking care of their fishes and answering the clients questions about any kind of fish and can even give you the best recipe to get the best of the fish on a dish. Part of the fish market is small space in the middle where you can bring the fish you bought and give it to one of the two ajhummas in their to clean it for you and get it ready for cooking or maybe not (as you will be told that the best way to eat a fish is to eat it raw)

During this weekend everything was perfect, like it has always been in korea, our hosts Jay and suji were great and kept worrying about us, but thanks to them boredom couldn’t find a way to our journey. Big thanks to my new friends from Donghae^

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