Memories: the end of my first day

My first meal on my first day in Seoul was hot, so hot that it took me some time to try it again, a mix of rice cake and fish cake called doppoki (덕볶이) to which you can add boiled egg or cabbage, it is cheap and tasty when you got used to it, I have tried a lighter version few days later that was less spicy and it was absolutely delicious.

After that early dinner, the sun started to go down and it was about the time for the night show to start in the famous street of Kangnam where I headed next, the coolest street of Seoul where most of the celebrities live, colorful lights and big screens everywhere, well groomed men and beautiful ladies walking in a slower past compared to what I have seen earlier that day, most of them were young people in their mid 20s walking in couples getting in and out of those shining stores. Restaurants, coffee shops and malls, they were all busy, I guess there is nothing such as “bad business” in Kangnam, whatever you sell people will buy.

With my friend we had a tour in what seemed to be some kind of traditional market place with typical Korean “street food”, more than the food I was impressed by the people, how they eat how they talk how the boyfriend was taking care of his girlfriend, everyone seemed not to pay attention to everyone…exactly what I was looking for, privacy. after that little tour, my day came to an end and it was time for me to get some sleep while kangnam was getting ready to start another of its crazy nights, that I will tell you about in another post.

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