My little list of things i don’t like about Korea

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Thanks to its people, Korea has always been a country that you easily fall in love with but since perfection is not from this world, there is few things that might not suit a foreigner’s mind, style of life or education when first faced, it was hard to find something about Korea that I don’t like and finally came out with this little list:


Taxi drivers: Very nice people on day time but can turn into very rude after midnight (when you have no choice but to take a taxi to go to your destination), if you live less than 3km away, you might have a hard time finding a taxi that will accept to give a ride home, some of the taxi drivers even pretend not to know your destination or simply ask you to get of the car.

Subways stops earlier on weekends:  when most of people go out to have fun, subways surprisingly stop earlier than on weekdays. So you better keep an eye on your watch if you don’t want to face taxi drivers.


Coffee is esxpensive:  Coffee is super expensive; although Korea is the coffee shops kingdom, coffee prices happen to be excessively expensive, as it can much the food’s price in a “not bad restaurant”. But well, I don’t think it will get any cheaper since it seems to be working for everyone.


bread is too sweet:  Too sweet bread, since bread is somehow a new comer into the Korean food scene, I believe Koreans have got some misunderstanding about bread’s properties, use and qualities. Almost every kind of cookies made of flour is considered as bread here, I have even been presented donuts as bread :O, it can be used as a full meal and happen to be very sweet, stuffed with butter and not always fresh.


This doesn’t mean that those kinds of “sweet bread” are not delicious, they totally are, it is just different from what a French, a Russian or an Algerian is expecting from bread.


Cheese and yogurt?!  you should just give up:  Very rare to find, and a bit expensive if found as they are mostly imported from Europe or USA, specially cheese, I miss it ㅜ_ㅜ


Old people in the subways: Of course not all of them but when running to get a seat on the subways an ajoshi or an ajumma, doesn’t always stand in the line and doesn’t seem to care much about whom they might hit in the process, so always be careful.


Generally speaking Koreans have always shown great sense of civism and very respectful manners toward others and after living here for 7 months I admit that I have got used to korea easly, I got used to the ajummas in the subways, to the great sweet bread, to the taxi drivers sometimes being rude, the same way I got used to kimchi.


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3 thoughts on “My little list of things i don’t like about Korea

  1. Hello, there. A friend of mine found you on CS and informed me that you’re looking for language exchange and I’m seeking for an French speaker so I wonder whether this could benefit for both? Thanks, Sunul. p.s.:nice blog

  2. I stumbled upon your blog today and I am loving it! I have never been to Korea and I don’t know much about it, except for the politics-related news that I heard and read of. Your writing style is very witty and catchy. Keep it up and good luck with learning Korean!

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