Memories: Could a Korean ever be late?!

Nothing is more important in Korea than being on time, everyone walks in a fast pace if not running to catch a bus or a metro, they never wait for the next one coming, even when the bus is super full there is always some space for one more because waiting two more little minutes for the next bus or metro would be a waist while I used to wait 15 minutes for a bus in Algeria on my luckiest days (I don’t even want to start a comparison), everyone at all times is in such a hurry to the point none stops to say sorry when he accidently hits you in the street and if anyone does, he probably has been living abroad for a while and came back with some fresh new habits from there. I remember myself on my first week in Korea saying sorry all day long to everyone whenever someone hits me on the shoulder or step on my foot in the subways but none seemed to pay attention or care about it, I guess Koreans suppose that none does that on purpose so no need to be sorry for something u didn’t mean which I now got used to

my friend Hyunji is the only exception among the Koreans I know, in many different ways, she decided to make me worry and be late on my first day in Korea, although I don’t blame her since living in Algeria for a while might have affected her time notion, but more seriously, she could have picked another day to be late! Since she wasn’t there yet, I took the time to go for a walk and take some pictures with my phone camera in the airport, a really big airport that is even much bigger than the biggest Algerian airport (which we are so proud about for some reason I don’t know), I could hear people speaking Arabic, French, English, Chinese, Spanish, Indian and so many other languages I couldn’t recognize, people seemed to be coming from everywhere to the great Korea looking for the same calm morning I was coming after.

Hyunji came 20 minutes later, although she looked a bit different that day because of the makeup, I could recognize the smile she always wear, after a little chat and a lot of excuses from my friend for her lateness, she decided that we should take the bus, as it is the best way to have a first look at the city, from Incheon airport, which is in the city of Incheon about 1 hour 45 minutes bus ride from Seoul downtown, you can take one of those very comfortable limousine buses which goes to different destinations in Seoul or you can ride the airport subway metro line which is way faster as it avoids any traffic you may face riding the bus and much cheaper as well.

No wander they call those buses a limousine bus, after you show your ticket to the driver he makes sure you are riding the right bus, help you with the luggage and welcome you on board with the same smile you see everywhere, if it is your first time riding one of those buses you will for sure get surprised the same way I was when I saw those large seats covered with brown leather, two people would fit in there with no trouble, I couldn’t help it but to remember the bus I used to ride from Chlef going to Algies, buses made in Korea that have nothing to do with the ones Koreans ride, a real pain.

after arriving to Iteawon my friend suggested to take a taxi to her place because of my heavy luggage, a taxi ride isn’t that expensive in korea although it may a bit differ according to the taxi you take, but if you are a foreigner like me on your visit to Korea it would be better to ride one of the orange taxis that Seoul is so proud of, the fare starts at 2400 won for the first 3km and you can get a free translation service through the phone if you ever need it. When arriving to my friend’s place we didn’t really need much time to rest, we leave the luggage there and head right away for my first Korean meal experience.

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