The Korean class early morning conversation

I started today as I would start any other Monday, hating it ㅜ_ㅜ, I woke up 7h30, took a quick shower, check my facebook for longer than I should, pass by the GS and buy my daily dose of bread then I had to run to school because I was late. I arrived to class on time and even had some time for a lil chat with Sara (the Hong Kong wondergirl) who was a bit sick today 😦 , The teacher came in at 9, she started the usual “hi, how are you, how was your weekend…” conversation which I actually, because of my limited Korean conversation skills, never could understand when it goes beyond the “good morning” but today’s conversation was somehow different, the words seemed easier and the grammar more familiar, I could understand it, I could even understand all what came after…well, almost all what came after.

As my favorit teacher from level one said (전희정 성생님 and it is her birthday tomorrow) I just needed to give it some time, as the process of learning a language might take a while to give results even for someone as smart as me (Modesty: OFF!), I am hoping from the deepest part of the deepest part of my heart that it wasn’t just a one day exception and that the days when I couldn’t understand the early morning conversation are gone forever.

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