Time to get used to real winter

a morning view in the dormitory

a morning view in the dormitory

It snowed again 3 days ago, and once again people kept telling me that it will get warmer after it has snowed, i dunno who came out with this theory but obviously it is one of those theories that doesn’t work, it is still super mega cold, no matter how many layer of cloths i wear, i even look like a penguin every morning going to class,  I still feel extremely cold. I can barley go anywhere,  after class all I do is have lunch with my Russian and Chinese friends than head straight home which is not totally a bad thing if you get to think about it, as I am going out less, specially this weekend, I got more time to review my lessons, try to memorize my Korean vocabulary, work a bit more on the Blog or try to finish one of the two books i started last year. picking a fight with winter is not gonna lead me anywhere anyway, it is useless, maybe i should just get used to it, after all i am a taught African who could survive in extreme desert and more than that a hard headed Algerian who could survive in Algeria i never experienced a white winter before and you know what they say, we only get frustrated of things we don’t know and ignorance is the human’s number one enemy maybe i should get to know Korean winter a bit more and get friendly with it, of course i am not gonna start snowboarding this year but there is noway i allow few centimetres of snow to ruin my life, i will have to get over it and stop being a sissy girl, i will have to go out more often specially that in 2 weeks, thanks to the lunar new year,  we will have a long awaited long weekend and there is noway i spend 4 days at home, i dunno where i will be going yet but i guess i will figure out something soon, or maybe i should just call one of those many travel agencies and check what they will have to offer, but first i will need to find one where they can speak english at least, as my level in Korean would go very low if the conversation goes very deep, so i will be doing view calls and ask around about travel agencies in Seoul that can speak english and i will be post about the result of my search  for a travel agency with great deals.

Note: let me know if you recognize yourself among the russians or chinese i mentioned above 😉

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2 thoughts on “Time to get used to real winter

  1. where is it?

  2. Yes….It’s time to get used!!! hehehe Even It’s too cold to me ;(
    You will get over super cold!

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