How did it start ?!

i have been traveling in my country from north to south, east to west for some time now, got the best and the worst of it, i have seen how beautiful it is and have knew how great my people are, but there is this thing about traveling that  no matter how far you have gone, you will never get enough and always want to get on the road till you get no more money or energy to go anywhere  further ignoring all limits and borders, and this is exactly what I’m gonna be doing, I’m quitting my job my family and my life to simply go see the world, hoping this new experience will help my transformation process into a better person, not that i am not happy about how and whom i am, just updating the software through all what i could learn during my travel for which i am gonna need a huge HDD a good camera and a clean brain.

when i sit on my desk, pen in the hand trying to plan my trip, i can not avoid to remember how much i hated making plans before when i was traveling to other cities or even when i used to go further to Tunisia, Syria or Morocco. i always thought planning ruins the adventure but not this time, I’m kinda taking this trip more seriously, maybe because i quit my job and cant afford to make mistakes or maybe just because i grow up a little bit and started to think more like a responsible adult, or maybe both. what ever the reasons are, i’m enjoying it and this is how things started, it started with small trips and it is growing into something bigger, i still don’t know what it is, all i know is the starting point…SEOUL

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One thought on “How did it start ?!

  1. well written. Maybe you’ll be a writer? kk. I hope you will do it!

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